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Sarah received a new cancer diagnosis in early 2016. “New” because she actually had cancer as an infant, but thanks to treatment was cancer-free for 30+ years. Now she’s back in the world of scans, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and many, many appointments, navigating cancer as an adult for the first time. It has recently come to light that her cancer has metastasized, so she is currently trial-and-erroring through protocols to keep the disease from progressing while allowing her to live her life and continue on with her career trajectory.  

Sarah’s experiences with cancer are worth listening to. She is articulate, wise, educational, funny, quirky, and emotional. Not only does she convey the psychological roller coaster, exhaustion, and fear surrounding her cancer experience, she is also a scientist and has a unique ability to understand the biomedical side of cancer and in the process be a very active participant in her treatments. Plus she is good at explaining what’s happening to her body and in her mind. Sarah is a dear and longtime friend from neuroscience and a very special guest on Mandyland.  

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