Conversations That Deserve Attention


Season One (Sept 2017 - Aug 2018) has come and gone with conversations around entrepreneurship, neuroscience, motherhood, education, privilege, death and dying, depression and anxiety, identity, and even poop. It was a random assortment of conversations without a clear focus, purposely. We didn't even have a tag line and the recording quality was minimal. There was virtually no editing because that would just put a road block into this project. But now we are on to Season Two with a little bit more maturity, focus (maybe?), and a tag line. We are Conversations That Deserve Attention at least for now. We'll keep the freedom to have random conversations while also diving deeper into topics like Cancer, Death and Dying, Mental Health, Motherhood and Parenting, Education, Neuroscience, Meditation, MeToo, and Privilege. And there are plans to talk about Trauma, Co-Living, The Block Chain, and Business. Thanks for listening!

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