Greer Kirshenbaum, PhD

Phone: 747.900.3417

Greer was actually a student of mine during the first neuroscience course that I taught at Dalhousie University back in 2005. She was an eager undergrad with lots of potential. We never stayed in contact but 11 years later she contacted me having remembered my unique take on neuroscience… the personalized neuroscience angle, which I called Neuropsychoidology. We went for coffee and during the conversation I learned that after finishing her PhD in neuroscience (yay!) she had also completed her Doula training. We ended up having a very powerful and affirming conversation about the effects of early life experiences. I invited her to join my life coach training program and in the process I got to learn more about how aligned our philosophies were. It's always a pleasure to speak with Greer and pick her brain!  

Episodes with Greer:

The Female Brain

The Effects of Early Life Experiences on Mental Health in Children