The Effects of Early Life Experiences on Mental Health and Self Regulation in Children with Fellow Neuroscientist, Greer / by Mandy Wintink

Show Notes


Greer currently lives in LA and was back in Toronto so we decided to meet at Riverdale Park to discuss parenting practices. Personally, I find it very affirming to talk with her and have since a year before this when her and I met up for the first time since I taught her Intro Neuroscience at Dalhousie. It was so refreshing to hear someone who had similar beliefs about the role of responsive parenting in children’s emotional and physical development. We always cover a lot of parenting topics including sleep training, responsive parenting, discipline, self-regulation, co-sleeping, childcare, how to balance being a mom with work, 



Reflective Questions:

  • Where is the line between needs and wants for you? 
  • Are you eager to discipline your child? Where is the desire to discipline coming from? Is it for the child’s benefit? Is there a difference between safety and habits and rules?
  • Do you think birth and breastfeeding and child care are feminist issues?
  • Have you ever been “mad” at society that you couldn’t take care of your baby? Are you mad that there is not enough support to be a mom? Or a working mom? Or that you can’t have “it all”?
  • If you’re a mom who is in a parenting relationship with a partner, do you let your partner do things? Like really do things with the baby/child? How do you facilitate or impede equal participation