Expanding Identities In Motherhood with Lindsey / by Mandy Wintink

Show Notes


We started off with Lindsey reflecting on her maternity leave (which is about to end) and the anxiety she felt during her time off from work. It fed into a discussion about body image, which Lindsey and I have covered to a great extent through our co-founded organized, Body Monologues. The theme of this conversation was our “Expanding Identity”.




Reflective Questions:

  • What is the difference between giving something space and giving something energy?

  • Does exercise ground you? If so, why? How? What forms?

  • When we let go of one identity [how] does that give space for some other dormant aspect of our identity come to the forefront?

  • “Our core issues are our core issues.”By that, we meant that the same issues manifest in different ways depending on the circumstances. Do you agree that’s true for you?