Process Learning (take 1?) with Jenn / by Mandy Wintink


Jenn and I were meeting for a brainstorming session over “report cards” for home learning. We both highly value the importance of process a long with the outcome or the product. We decided to start discussing a tool to help parents (including ourselves) document the process of learning in their children, with a focus on learning that’s done at home. We don’t cover the nitty gritty of what we come up with — we’ll save that for later — but we discuss the value of process, other ways people/disciplines document learning, how to reward process, 

Reflective Questions

  • How do you feel about process? Do you value it?

  • What measures are there to evaluate process?

  • Have you ever left “breadcrumbs” to show where you’ve been?

  • What’s the balance between a plan and changing as you go?

  • How can you both plan for an end point and also be flexible for change along the way.

  • What language do you use to reward process, with kids or students or employees?

  • What do you track? What do you capture in your reflections?

  • What are your patterns?

  • What are your themes?

  • Prompted or impromptu!?