3 Part Series on Quitting Ultimate: Part 3 with the Community / by Mandy Wintink

So I made a big decision recently, which was to quit playing competitive ultimate this summer. The process was grueling for me and it brought up a lot of interesting things for me. I start with wrapping my mind around letting go of an identity (in my own monologue) to discussing my body with Mike and ending with confidence in how I want to grow old with my body and try to embrace death with Mike, Lindsey, and Bronwyn (and the kids in the background). Who knew it would be a spiritual journey to quit ultimate? Actually, it’s not that surprising when we consider how our egos get wrapped up in identities… and it failing to let go. The last conversation gets into so peripheral topics about what is an athlete and is it different for men and women? I also liked the deeper conversation about growing old with yoga. 


Self-Reflective Question:

  • Is “athlete” a mindset or a physical characteristic?
  • How do we grow up gracefully? Can yoga help? 
  • Can yoga help you embrace your body?