Enlightenment in Death with Mike / by Mandy Wintink


We’re on a date night… and this is what we end up doing: talking about death! We talk about it from the perspective of my fear of dying and also from Mike’s perspective of not being afraid and then with respect to (assisted) suicide and enlightenment. 

Reflective Questions

  • What happens when we don’t take care of our needs or don’t advocate for what we need? Gabor Mate thinks our body will say “no”.

  • How does taking

  • your own life (either by assisted suicide or other) affect our ability to transcend suffering?

  • Can you take your own life from an enlightened perspective? And by extension… mindfully?

  • What happens if we "exert control" at that last moment? Is that the opposite of “letting go”?

  • Is taking your own life controlling death in a way that is not consistent with enlightenment/mindfulness?

  • Can you embrace death and control it at the same time?