Intuition with Emily / by Mandy Wintink

Talking with Emily made my friggin week! I didn’t know her before this first encounter except through email briefly. A few weeks before this, I put out a call for training proposals for a retreat that I’m running for my coaching/teaching staff at the Centre for Applied Neuroscience. Emily replied offering a workshop on intuition based on her Ph.D. work in education philosophy. I was OVER THE MOON with her email and before even meeting her I booked her to train us! This conversation was our first official in-person meeting and I have to say that she is so absolutely wonderful in so many ways. I love her ideas, her ability to articulate her ideas, the sound of her voice, her knowledge, her curiosity, her story, her perspectives, and her wisdom. I hope that this is one of many times I get to talk/work with Emily. 

In the process of talking about intuition, we cover what it is, how it works, how to experience it, the effect of believing in it, resistance to it as a way of knowing, feminism and oppression by the patriarchy, and spirituality. There is so much more I want to know from her so I’m going to read her thesis, which is linked to below. She’s also working on a more general public book that I am equally excited to read!

We meet on the balcony of the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto so you can hear the birds chirping around us, along with the construction and cars. But the birds are the nicest sound. 


Reflective Questions:

  • Do you believe in intuition?

  • Do you need evidence that your intuition is present?

  • Do you think your intuition has been suppressed and oppressed?

  • How do you connect with your intuition?

  • Do you define it? Can you define it?

  • When are you most aligned with your intuition?