Saying Goodbye to Jett, My Amazing Dog (S2E32) / by Mandy Wintink

Dear Pet Lovers,

We love them dearly, oftentimes more than the humans in our life. When they leave us it is one of the hardest things to experience. It’s been 2 days since we said goodbye to our amazing dog Jett. It hurts like hell. I miss her dearly. I will love her forever. I want her to come back.

I recorded me saying goodbye and speaking through tears yesterday, the day after she died. I don’t know why I’m sharing. There is no arc, no real purpose, no overt message. Maybe I just want to remind some of us of our loss and pain…. or maybe to just to put it out there just how deep the emotions run between pet owners and their pets… or maybe to share tears because “crying is cool” (TM Victoria Bergin Coaching)… or to invite others to bathe in their own memories and love of their pets, current or past… or maybe as an insight into this crazy kind of love that non-pet-owners just don’t know but maybe they want to know and that’s why they listened to an episode that was “Dear Pet Lovers”… IDK. I just wanted to share.


A Grieving Pet Lover