Podcast coaching with Paul / by Mandy Wintink

Who would be interested in this?

  • people considering starting their own podcast
  • people who like to think about the process of podcasting
  • content people
  • people who like to watch other people’s projects unfold, kind of like Start-Up Podcast audience. 😉 

Paul’s coaching me to start my Mandyland podcast. We recorded this in the summer before it launched. We start this session with Paul discussing his proposed coaching process and then we talk about Mandyland. He helps me figure out some of the details and clarify some of the concepts. We cover why I did not feel inclined to be very niche-like with this podcast. Why cover the “why” of what I am doing. Paul also challenges me with the fractured aspect of my work as he tries to wrap his head around all that I do. I resisted it, as I typically do. He asks the questions I hate the most: What’s the common thread? What connects all these things that I do?

This probably isn’t the most interesting conversation from an outsider’s perspective but it is the background and it is part of my process. So if you like people’s process you might like this one. 

Self-Reflective Questions:

  • When is the common thread YOU?
  • When do you come back for the person? 
  • When do people come back for you?
  • What are you doing that won’t get stale?
  • Why are you doing a podcast? Why are you doing any of the work you’re doing?
  • I’m not the only who has seemingly fractured work. So how do we link it? Do we? What’s your hub? What’s your core from where you build out? What’s your home base? 
  • Can you describe the common element of your work?
  • Are you unfocused like me? 
  • Are you making it as easy as possible for people to find you? To connect with you?