Craft, Apprenticeship, & Mentorship with Mike / by Mandy Wintink


Mike and I somehow end up in a debate on “what is a hipster?” It’s an old conversation, from 2014. I honestly can’t remember how it started but it did lead to a deeper (?) conversation about craft, apprenticeship, and mentorship. You have to wait about 10 min to get to that part but I found listening to us figure out what a hipster is, kind of amusing. Then, we talk about the difference between craft, apprenticeship, and mentorship compared to design-based problem-solution-type business models. 

Reflective Questions:

  • What sorts of investments have you made in a mentor or as a mentor?

  • Are you asking for help?

  • Who’s supporting your journey?

  • How would you define good mentorship?

  • If you were/are a business person, what style of business would/do you run?

  • Are you concerned more with the How or the Why?


Devin’s company, Rekindle