Privilege with Bronwyn, Lindsey, and Mike / by Mandy Wintink


We’re having a house breakfast. It starts off with Ashar and Nyjah getting stuck while crawling under the couch. We’re talking about our white privilege and some of our resistances to our white privilege, particularly in comparison to disadvantages we might feel because of our gender and/or sexuality. Throughout the conversation you also get to hear us parenting our kids squabbles and requests. 

Reflective Questions:

  • What opportunities do you hoard?
  • How do you check your privilege?
  • What do you do about your privilege?
  • Are people allowed to connect over shared experiences of disadvantages?
  • Do you feel like people with privilege are being silenced now? Or that they feel silenced? And if so, is it good for people to start to feel a bit uncomfortable as they learn how to navigate this new territory of equality?


Post-Conversation Reflections:

I keep thinking later on about my point about feeling like I want to do something with my privilege and not just "check it". I realized I said that I really felt uneasy about just being told I have privilege and not being able to do anything. But upon reflection, I realized that this feeling itself and my desire to take action, itself comes from a place of privilege because I am generally empowered in my life. So to feel helpless is uncomfortable and unfamiliar for me. And I have to luxury typically in life, to do something about that. Others aren’t as fortunate.