Everything is exactly how it should be / by Mandy Wintink


We’re at Merchants of Green Coffee in Toronto. Just before I started recording Mike said that he had the thought that everything is exactly how it is suppose to be. So I start recording as we are launched into a conversation about enlightenment, objective truth, and activism. Because we’re at a coffee shop, we have some great background music that sets a nice atmosphere, I think. The conversation ends with Mike's distraction. 


Reflective Questions

  • Is there an objective truth? Or an objectively right or wrong?

  • What major (or minor) belief systems do you hold and how has your environment lead you toward those specific belief systems?

  • How often can you let go, let things be the way they are meant to be, or to accept that everything are exactly how they are? What’s holding you back? Do you think it’s important to do that?

  • What changes when we are attached to an outcome vs. not attached, in terms of knowing our role or productivity or anything else.

  • What’s your metric of success?

  • Is it possible of moving an agenda without being attached to it, to the outcome?

  • Do you ever consider the history of a person when trying to understand why they do what they do?