Thinking about new models of child education with Jenn / by Mandy Wintink

Show Notes


This is an older recording from when our babes were under a year old and you can hear them in the background. What feels like a long time ago, Jenn and I were very active in alternative education systems, but at the time it was focussed on Post-Secondary Education. In this conversation, we talk about early childhood education. We play around with some ideas for how can we create a new education system distinct from the public school system and distinct from the homeschool system. We also just hash out education in general, as we typically do. 


  • We don’t have any off the top of our head. Do you? Share them!

Reflective Questions

  • Do you feel empowered as a parent with your kids education?

  • How could you feel more empowered, if that’s of interest to you?

  • [How] are you educating your child now?

  • Are you intentionally doing anything or just letting them learn passively?