Jennifer Chan

Jenn and I met in the most conventional-nonconventional way. We met at the Centre for Social Innovation, a co-working space that prides itself on collisions among people and their ideas. I don't remember the exact collision but it was in the kitchen, probably during their "salad club", which I typically avoided because the conversations always felt so fabricated for me. Jenn -- I'm sure -- caught my attention because she's anything but formal, hierarchical, or fabricated. She probably said something like "so you think you're smart because you have a PhD?". ;) Actually, she would not have been that bold. But however it was, we ended up meeting up for coffee and chatting about who knows what. She ended up taking my Life Coaching course, which was the first courses offered in Toronto. We also had an early collaboration on a workshop entitled "Design Thinking My Brain". It was then that I remembered how challenging it is to communicate with people in different industries. (Her background was architecture and design). We eventually started working on various projects including our biggest and most ambitious endeavour: UExperience. Then in 2015 we were pregnant together and eventually had babies 2 months apart. 

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