The Characters

are real-life, regular guests on Mandyland.


Mandy Wintink

I'm Mandy... the common denominator of Mandyland. I go by a lot of titles including, but not limited to: (in chronological order) Winnipegger, Athlete, Thinker/Academic, Feminist, Leader, Entrepreneur, Starter, Psychologist, Neuroscientist, Doctor, Ultimate Frisbee Player/Captain, University Prof, Mama to Furbabies, Writer, Life Coach, Business Owner, Torontonian, Partner/Wife, Mama to Toddler, Author, Co-Home-Ownership Community Member, Podcaster... To Learn more about me head to my website: or my company's (The Centre For Applied Neuroscience), Or see my blurb here.


The Neuroscience Students

Three students from my neuroscience course at the University of Guelph-Humber join me for regular conversations about topics within neuroscience that interest them. Learn more about these students and hear our conversations.


Jennifer Chan

Jenn is a social architect and a designer of experiences. She thinks a lot about how people interact with space and each other. We have had great conversations about design versus science and about education innovation. We both think that typical learning environments (e.g., public school and university) need to change. Learn more about Jenn and hear our conversations.


Mike Lovas

Mike is my partner in love, life, parenting, and great conversations. He's a designer and engineer by training, currently working in healthcare design, after a stint as a co-founder of a wearable device start-up company. He's also a mindfulness, meditation, and yoga person and an athlete like me! Learn more about Mike and hear our conversations.


Lindsey White

Lindsey is a Naturopathic Doctor in Toronto who owns Mahaya Health Services at College and Yonge. She is also an administrator at the Canadian College for Naturopathic Medicine in North York. She is the co-founder of our organization, Body Monologues. She is a mom who recently started GB Kids Apparel with her partner, Bronwyn Whyte. She's also an athlete and social justice advocate. We own and live in a house with both of our families. Learn more about Lindsey and hear our conversations.


Paul Dore

Paul is just a guy some people like to hang on their wall. ;) That's what his website says. It's hard to sum up Paul in other ways because he's kind of an eclectic content guy. He's a producer of things, including a longstanding podcast (from the early-adopter days of podcasting), a novel (The Walking Man), and storytelling events. He's smart, creative, innovative, and very self-reflective. Learn more about Paul and hear our conversations


Greer Kishenbaum

Greer has a PhD in neuroscience from University of Toronto and then did her Post-Doc at Columbia University in New York. She's also a Doula and birth and infancy educator. She specializes in educating parents around the value of developing good early life experiences to set a foundation for good mental health. Learn more about Greer and hear our conversations

dawn stevens.jpg

Dawn Stevens

Dawn is a no-bullshit hard-ass who keeps people in line. She’s incredibly strong and keeps it real. I love this about her. But she is also this compassionate, sensitive, and an extremely loyal person. This combination makes her an amazing Life Coach and a person you know you will get a straight, yet warm, answer from while not feeling judged. Beyond this she is a huge lover of animals and is well-versed in psychology partially because of her undergraduate degree in the subject combined with her lived-experience with mental illness, specifically Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Social Anxiety Disorder. She says she doesn’t like to talk about her self but when you get her talking, she has lots to say. And good stuff. Wise stuff. Important stuff. Learn more about how I know Dawn and our conversations here

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Vanessa Vella

Vanessa Vella is a CAN Certified Life Coach, Nutritionist, and Certified Personal Trainer. She's a great coach because she meets people where they are and supports them through sustainable change. She's super smart and knowledgeable and funny. She's great a sharing her thoughts in action, which is why conversations are great with her. Learn more here.



Sarah joins us for season two after replying with a voice memo to the Season 1 end-of-season call out. Sarah received a new cancer diagnosis in early 2016. “New” because she actually had cancer as an infant, but thanks to treatment was cancer-free for 30+ years. She is ready to share her experience with cancer. Learn more here.


The Community

In the spring of 2016 Me and my partner Mike bought a house with our friends Lindsey and Bronwyn. We have a long history of friendship and all value community and decided to embark on the adventure of a shared home. It's been a journey indeed, filled with challenges and new adventures.