Do You Have To Be Passionate About What You Produce? Talking With Life Coaches / by Mandy Wintink


We are all over the map in our conversation. We spent a great deal of time talking about poop, which I’m actually not ashamed of. I think we should talk about EVERYTHING as a culture, poop included. And this isn't even about baby poop. Just plain old regular adult poop. And the anxiety that provokes it! But that’s not all we talk about it. We started talking this conversation with a focus on authenticity in our writing and other projects and we actually do come back to that. I think the conclusion was that we write for ourselves... and maybe others care about it too. 



Reflective Questions

  • How much of your content is for you and how much for others?

  • Should we talk about everyday things like pooping and periods?

  • Are you writing about stuff that you are passionate about? Is experienced-based blogging a genre that is not "once a week" Scheduled blogging?

  • Do you ever compliment random people just because?

  • How do you make decisions? What sorts of decisions do you avoid? What factors negatively contribute to making a decision?

  • Instead of looking for what you want what if you wrote a want ad?