Prototyping Your Career? with Mike / by Mandy Wintink

This was recorded back in the summer of 2014, long before Mandyland was conceptualized. At the time, I thought I would have a podcast with mine and Mike’s conversations. You can tell it’s old because I refer to Jian Gomeshi as the host of the Q back before we knew what kind of asshole he was.  Most of what we talk about is the career of ranting and my desire to have pursued that, had I known about it at the time. 





Reflective Questions:

  • Are you a “just do it” person or do you take a different approach? Regardless of the approach you take, is that the best approach for you? Why or why not? If not, should you do something about it?

  • How do you move from experimenter/prototyper mode into an actually production mode?

  • Are you a polisher? A finisher? Or a rapid prototyper?